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Gottman Level 1 Clinical Training

Gottman Method Couples Therapy:   Bridging the Couples Chasm

Frustrated working with couples?  Don’t know where to begin?  Couples come to therapy looking for the therapist to end the conflicts and heal the emotional distance.  Application of the Gottman Method gives you skills you can use with couples and apply immediately to your practice.

Gottman Level 1 training gives you new insight into couples’ struggles using research-based assessments and effective interventions.  You will be able to build your practice and confidence in working with couples.  It provides therapists an introduction to the over four decades of scientifically grounded research from Dr. John Gottman about what causes relationship stability and demise.  Dr. Gottman is the New York Times bestselling author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.   You will receive a 300-page manual featuring new relationship assessment questionnaires and clinical interventions that you can use immediately with your clients.  Our small workshop setting provides you with individual attention in learning this method and answering your questions.

Help couples in your practice manage conflict and deepen intimacy! This is the first step in learning Gottman Method Couples Therapy. A truly inspiring workshop, Level 1 Training will give you new insights into treatment for couples who struggle, using research-based assessments and effective interventions.

Upcoming Training Dates:  Spring 2018

As a result of taking Level 1 Training you will learn:
 - How couples really sustain their marriages – in contrast to common myths and misconceptions
 - How the quality of relationships affects the immune system, physical health and well-being
 - How marital problems change over time, but never go away, even in happy couples
 - Proven strategies and tools to help couples successfully manage conflict
 - Skills that empower partners to dialogue about their worst gridlocked issues
 - Methods to help couples process their fights and heal their hurts
 - Techniques for couples to deepen their intimacy and minimize relapse

This is the first step in learning Gottman Method Couples Therapy and starting the process of becoming a Certified Gottman Method Couples’ Therapist but also stands independently as an invaluable step in improving clinical skills to use with couples.

Mental health providers  

Allied professionals and clergy  

Students and interns  

Family clinic staff  

Professors/teachers of couples therapy  

Researchers in the social sciences  

Employee assistance professionals

Continuing Education: 12 CEs

Location: Moore Norman Technology Center, South Penn Campus, 13301 S. Pennsylvania, Room 110

Schedule: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. each day. Registration starting at 8:00 a.m. on the first day.

Cost: $400


** To register, text "Level 1 Training" along with name and number to 405-626-1951

Cancellation Policy: Full refund minus $50 processing fee if received one month prior to workshop date.  After that date, participants will receive credit to attend a future training, minus a $50 processing fee.